The Unauthorized Investigator's Guide to
The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints

Lesson 5

Missionary Work

The Missionaries Will Teach...

God commands the members of His Church to preach the gospel to everybody who isn't a member.  If you share the gospel with non-members, you will experience great joy and will feel the spirit of God.  When people are baptized, they covenant to be a witness to God and are commanded to share the gospel with everybody who hasn't accepted it, so that everybody will have the opportunity to accept or reject the message.

When members of the Church are faithful in living the gospel, they set a good example to friends and family about the wonderful blessings that come to members of the Church.  They should answer questions people have about the Church, and share with them the printed materials as well as audio-video materials that the Church has prepared.  They should invite others to learn about the Church of Jesus Christ.  They should pray for people who aren't members of the Church.  They should pray for opportunities to share their beliefs with non-members.  God promised to help members know what to say and do as they share the message of God's Church with others.


< In 1999 the President of the Church challenged the members of the church to double the number of convert baptisms.  " was created to help make member missionary work easy and effective so that all of us can now respond in a major way to President Hinckley’s call for action." 

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